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Role of digital advertising agency and digital media agency

Digital media agency is an organization which offers technical support and development in a creative and strategic manner for screen based services and products. The digital world and its consumers change over time. Thus, marketers are now looking for people who have strong skills and understanding of the digital world. Corporations cannot think of surviving without a strong marketing department. It’s hard to imagine where a business fits without a… Read Article →

Things To Know About Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing

Traditional extrusion requires a low investment in tooling compared to injection molding. Simple extrusion die and forming plate costs between 1500 and 3000 euros depending on the size, complexity, and tolerance to be achieved. Production capacity and speed: Standard profiles can run at speeds of up to 20-25 m / min for the simplest and smallest designs. For larger outputs, complicated or perforated designs require slower line speeds to allow… Read Article →