Importance Of Led Tube Lights

LED tube lights are becoming an increasingly more popular replacement for traditional light sources especially fluorescent lighting. They include many innovations and benefits which enable them an optimal substitute for conventional fluorescent lighting.

LED Tube Lighting'(wchich is also known as ‘หลอดไฟแอลอีดี‘ in the Thai language) can significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emission, and they’re environment-friendly without mercury and other toxic substances.

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Tube lights are ultra energy efficient green light fittings which convert most of the electricity to light rather than heat. Unlike many other sources of light that convert great deal electricity to heat, they convert nearly all the ability to light, which results in the high efficiency and empowers them a much better choice for lighting. Since they generate much less heat than another light source, LED tube lights are cool to touch even after the long-time operation.

LED tube lights can last over 35,000 hours that means that you don’t need to replace bulb for a long duration. The durability and dependability help make them exceptionally appropriate in office, school, and supermarket alongside other areas. 

LED tube lights consume approximate 50% energy of a comparably rated fluorescent lighting based upon the light output. Various tubes from different manufacturers can deliver different energy intake outcomes.

Fluorescent light tubes, such as compact fluorescent lighting, are coated on the inside of the enclosed tube with a phosphorous material. The tube is filled with a little bit of mercury vapor at low pressure. When energy is introduced, the mercury gas generates ultraviolet light.

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