Spiral Dough Mixer – A Heavy-Duty Appliance

In bread-making or any kind of food preparation where the dough is involved, kneading the dough is a time-consuming undertaking. For those who own a restaurant, bakery or pizza store, time is not on your side. You have to accomplish your food prep quickly to be able to satisfy your clients' needs.

A spiral dough PVC high mixer is an appliance that will dramatically cut back on the amount of time necessary to knead dough. With this sort of mixer, a spiral-shaped hook, or agitator, stays stationary while the mixing bowl turns.

Spiral Dough Mixer - A Heavy-Duty Appliance

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There are models available with numerous features, a few of which are: 2 rates, programmable controls, stainless steel bowls, heavy-duty steel structure, spiral hooks for better and more efficient mixing, torque transmission to lower noise and vibration, security guard and blending tools, motor overload protection and easy maintenance.

You can pick a smaller unit with a 50 lb. Dough capacity or a device which could handle up to 550 pounds. of dough.

These appliances are designed for heavy use, made by companies dealing in food and baking equipment. The manufacturers know what is needed to competently run a company; therefore you're assured of having good quality and efficient performance.

Based upon your workload and the size of your kitchen, you can buy a spiral dough mixer at a countertop model or a floor model. Having a tilt-over mixer, a hydraulic-lift system will discharge your dough for you with no back-breaking work on your part. These models are compact and don't occupy a lot of space, which would be quite helpful in smaller kitchens.

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