Benefits of Installing an Artificial Grass for your Backyard


Installing artificial grass can be considered as an expense. Since it costs money, you would always want your artificial grass to last as long as possible. While checking online, it is difficult to differentiate the right choice. The appearance of the grass depends on the height and thickness of the grass (pile height and density). These are some factors you should know before getting the right kind of artificial grass.

1. Color – Real grass has the tendency to change its shade with the reflection of light. Similarly, artificial grass also has the same ability which gives that natural look. Artificial grass tends to have multiple shades of green along with single or dual thatching.

2. Texture – The texture of artificial grass depends on the shape of the fibers. With the right kind of texture, you can always get durable grass that has a soft touch to it. You must avoid the shorter plastic feel artificial grass as they are not that durable.

3. Stitch Rate – In simpler terms, if the look of the grass is thin then the stich rate is low. While higher the stich rate means the thicker and healthier the grass looks. Low stitch rate makes the grass look too artificial while higher stitch rate gives the grass more realistic look.

4. Pile Height – The lower the pile height, the shorter the grass. You should always choose 20mm to 40mm pile length which gives the grass longer appearance.

Companies for landscape construction in Sydney offer various artificial grasses according to your choice.

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