How to Remove Car Odors with an Ozone Generator

A vehicle is a very useful thing to have. Much like a home, it is something that must go through occasional maintenance, tune-ups, and cleaning. It has to be checked as much as, if not more than, a house. Fortunately, there are places we can take our car to have it checked and tuned up.

However, there are things we must take care of ourselves when it comes to the cleanliness of the car, including odors. Odors can crop up from anything and anyone, from your own body, to food you might transport, to animals you take to the park. Damage Control 911 has a solution for these things, though, in the form of an ozone generator.

An ozone generator should be used with caution, first and foremost. Ozone is dangerous to humans and pets since it destroys living cells. However, this also includes things like bacteria and viruses. Whenever there’s an odor, there are bacteria most likely causing it to smell like that.

When you hook up the ozone generator to the car with a hose, you can pump ozone through the window and have it filter through the vehicle. This should go on for one to two hours, but not more than that. Afterward, the ozone will dissipate over the course of an hour or two more, so wait until then before getting back in.

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