Stress Management for Controlling Blood Pressure

Stress management can be a good way to keep your heart healthy. It works on a psychological base and as a mental therapy. Your mind is what deals every activity of yours. Our physical state and well-being is correlated to your mental state. A proper body and mind connection is essential for overall health. Nowadays emotional health is being taken much into consideration by medical professionals as it has been observed through researches that medications and drugs are just ways to push down the symptoms or treat your physical problems but less care has been provided to the mental health and conditioning of the brain. Malfunctioning of many organs in your body which may lead to some diseases are directly controlled by the brain and this is why brain health is important.

Once you are diagnosed with a disease, you start the treatment but it has been found that working it through your brain too can be even more beneficial. Factors like stress, anxiety, depression and hostility are responsible for worsening the conditions of heart disease. We are all aware that exercising and proper diet keeps our heart healthy. Similarly, meditation can reduce stress and anxiety that may be a reason for heart problems. It lowers stress hormones like adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine. Lesser the secretion of stress hormone normalizes your heart rate, cholesterol level, blood sugar and blood pressure level. You can check your blood pressure levels regularly at home using Omron BP785 blood pressure monitor. Best thing about meditation is it is doesn’t cost you even a penny and has no side effects.

Meditation is a process through which you concentrate on one thing and focus your mind to it. What you focus on may vary but the effects are same. You can either focus on your breath, a mantra, an image or any virtual location in your mind. The time span of meditation may last from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. It soothes you and provides you relaxation. It helps in proper flow of blood and oxygen transportation thus helping you control your involuntary factors like heart beat rate, tension and breathing. Moreover, meditation is not only helpful in maintaining proper functioning of the heart but is also very much helpful in prevention of many medical problems. It has been observed that the deaths due to heart attacks and stroke decreased to half in people who practiced meditation for few months. If you have always been worrying about your heart health and treatment of heart diseases have not worked well, try meditation to lower your stress level and you will surely see the benefit.


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