Why use a buyers advocate?

A common thread when buying a house is most people go to a real estate agent for advice but fail to remember that the Vendor engages the agent so where does their allegiance lie?

A Buyers Advocate represents the buyer and will devise and implement the right tactics to get the right property under the most acceptable terms for you. In Bateman’s Bay in NSW buyers advocate Batemans Bay know the marketplace well.

Here are some common reasons for obtaining a Buyer’s Advocate:

Saving time and Stress

Having a professional scour the marketplace for you to show you appropriate options, eliminate both stress and the time wasting that takes place with selling agents who care little for the buyer's needs.

Professional Negotiation

Maybe financial negotiation is not your strong point, it makes much more sense to have someone in your corner that understands exactly what a property is worth, a Buyer's Advocate can always obtain the best possible price, think about it, the seller already has an agent on their side, so this will give you a level playing field.

Off-Market Listings

You will gain access not only to the entire market that fits your criteria but also off-market listings. A Buyers Advocate will know what listings are due upon the market in the coming weeks and months to put you ahead of the game.

A Buyers Advocate gives home buyers confidence through the whole process and helps you avoid costly mistakes and long-winded processes. By sourcing the right property from day one, taking into consideration what you want aesthetically but also taking into account location and potential capital growth puts you in a stronger position to be confident about the investment. Buying a house is one of the most critical decisions in people’s lifetime, so it makes sense to have one in your corner for such an event.  They work exclusively and independently for the purchaser.

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