Kitchen Countertop Materials – What’s Best For You? Factors to be looked at

As stated above, strength in a kitchen counter top is key. The top must be able to tolerate the strain of the actions that continue in a kitchen. For more additional information about the Kitchen Countertop, you can check out via the web.

Real wood has been used as kitchen counter top materials for a long time however the surface of hardwood, though it is one of the hardwoods such as maple, oak, cherry, or mahogany, still cannot get away from chips and staining.

With time, the wood could even rot if the lumber is not cared for regularly and moisture seeps in to the grain. To keep it looking new, treat the solid wood with mineral olive oil and fine sand and re-finish the top regularly if required. However, if you wish a distressed look for your counter-top, then leave the nicks and potato chips because they are.

Ceramic tiles may easily crack when unintentionally struck with much object. It really is especially susceptible to damage whenever a heavy chopping panel is positioned together with it and large bone fragments or chicken are being sliced. In addition they cannot endure to extreme heating and are therefore not the best materials for use as backsplashes for stoves.

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