How to break a weight loss plateau

You are eating the way you should be and also working out regularly. But the needle seems to be where it was a month ago. No matter how hard you hit those machines at the gym, the needle just won’t budge. By each passing day you keep losing motivation and feel extremely discouraged.

Unfortunately, you have hit a plateau. It’s a time period when weight loss comparatively slows down as compared to before or it quite possibly stops altogether. But with a few tweaks in your exercise, diet and attitude you can get the needle moving in the anticlockwise direction.

When it comes to what you eat, try to keep a food journal. This will help you identify your craving patterns and to get rid of them. But, eating too less can be as much problematic and no matter how much emphasis we put on this is going to be less. It will only lead to malnutrition, you should use a healthy and natural dietary supplement to cover deficiencies.

A plateau is quite impossible to ESCAPE when you are trying to lose weight. As the weight of your body changes your body begins to adapt to this change. After you lose weight your body burns fewer calories on average and this leads to a weight loss halt.

Doing the same workouts over and over again will result in a less calorie burn, as your muscles start adapting to them. To break through a plateau increase the intensity of your cardio routine and go for variations such as resistance bands for strength training.

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