Facts about flute – a musical instrument

A flute is a musical instrument that falls in the family of woodwind instruments. It is an instrument which makes its sound by from the air blown through the opening. Depending on the notes of the flute player, the holes are opened and closed. This instrument is the most difficult to attain mastery among others. On the other hand, it gives the most beautiful sound which often denotes joy and light in music.


Fun facts about flute

You should know a few things before you start playing the instrument.

  • A flutist is a person commonly referred to as the one who plays the flute. Another version which is hardly used nowadays is fluter. It was an old English term.
  • In regards to playing the flute, there are five types of flute from which you can choose. They are piccolo, contrabass, tenor, alto and bass flute. The contrabass flute generates lowest pitch sound whereas the piccolo, the highest pitch sound.
  • The most famous flute concert is played on the pitch of key C, the universal key which ranges of about 3 octaves.
  • A flute is one the standard musical instruments running since ancient times. It began in Germany, but Japanese and Chinese are also known for their flutists.
  • Since the time of the invention of flute, it has been made from different materials such as wood, brass, resin, silver, and bone. Today silver is the most popular material from which flute is made.
  • Many singers have given famous flute songs in the history, and they believed the music made them a smarter being.

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