The Importance of Foam Insulation in Commercial Construction

It was that construction "insulation" evoked images of rolls of fiberglass batting material in either pink or white/yellowish color. Since the late 1930s, long strips of fiberglass batting are cut to fit between wall studs and sandwiched between the outside wall and the sheetrock interior. If you want more detail about spray foam insulation you may lead here

The Importance of Foam Insulation in Commercial Construction

Fiberglass provided far superior (and safer) construction insulation that was used in building for centuries. However, it was and isn't without a substantial health risk caused by inhaling the tiny fiberglass particles that could break free in the batting during handling. Protective mask, gloves, goggles, and clothes were standard safety gear when installing fiberglass insulation.

And despite its insulating effectiveness, fiberglass doesn't offer a really great vapor and air barrier if not properly installed.

Many of today's commercial building jobs are being insulated with foam products which are providing greater insulation and other intrusion resistance than fiberglass batting. Let us explore some of the background and uses of foam insulation.

Following the war, the automobile industry started using polyurethane polymers in automobile bodies and the housing industry started using it on a limited basis for insulating homes.

Today's spray foam insulation products provide greater energy efficiency and are reaching increasingly improved "green evaluations." This insulation is used in several homes and industrial building projects across the world.

R-value ratings, Open Mobile, and Closed Cell foam insulation

Insulation comes with an R-value rating, "a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given depth." Normally, the greater the R-value, the larger the heat flow resistance will be. Spray foam insulation has greater R-value ratings than does fiberglass insulation.

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