About Depuy knee replacement

DePuy’s most well-known knee replacing products are the Sigma Total Leg System, LCS Leg System and the Attune Leg System.

The most recent, Attune, to enter the market in 2013 because of this of DePuy Synthes’ most significant research and development job in the business’s background.

The Attune leg was created to help improve stableness and motion in comparison to previous knee alternative systems. For more additional information about knee replacement lawsuit, you can check out useful references online.

DePuy unveiled its low contact stress (LCS) leg system in 1977, and after many years of testing, these devices gained U.S. Food and Medication Administration (FDA) agreement in the first 1980s. DePuy designed the LCS system to tightly resemble the technicians of the human being knee.

To date, it’s been found in more than 700,000 leg replacement unit surgeries worldwide, and scientific components of the machine are still found in knee replacement unit products today.


Many of these potential issues are possible with DePuy knees; however, many of the business’s artificial joint parts have which can raise the risk more than others.

One concern that the business has confronted was allowing leg systems and components to be put on the marketplace before these were approved by the meals and Drug Supervision (FDA).

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