Ingredients to Avoid For Pet Food

A lot of people are convinced that the healthful, natural, premium and advocated by labels on dog food and cat food must indicate that the food in the bag is good for our pets.

Alongside these words are claims of 100% complete and balanced which leave us to assume we’re supplying the best we can for our pets, feeding the identical dry cereal-based diets day in and day out.

Yet, most individuals don’t fully appreciate what goes into those pet foods. The pet food businesses place images of the new cut chicken breast, fresh fruits and vegetables and wholesome grains on bundles, however, that’s rarely what’s actually in the bag. If you want to know more about sugarcane bagasse click at

You probably are feeding a pet food that contains more than one of those ingredients discussed below. The pet food industry has a wide assortment of unsavory options in regards to what substances might be used in pet food and liberty to publish enticing pictures, however misleading, in their packaging.

To promote the best health you can on your company, read and understand the uses of the typical ingredients below and be sure you always read your labels!

Best 12 Pet Food Ingredients to Avoid

Corn, Corn Meal, or Corn Gluten Meal

Years ago pet food makers discovered that pets love the sweet flavor of corn. Corn is one of the most heavily subsidized crops in agriculture, which makes its economy cost lower than the cost of producing the corn.

The gluten in corn is used as an inferior protein source in pet foods. Corn protein in itself isn’t a complete protein source and has to be balanced with animal proteins to make a usable amino acid profile for pets.

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