The Roof With Bird Spikes

Annually homeowners invest hundreds of money cleaning up after and repairing damage due to pest birds.

Pigeons like to roost on the edges of your roof searching for dinner or just enjoying the sun. They can cause a good deal of damage to the roofing in addition to endanger you and your outdoor pet’s health.

Pigeons can take any of 60 transmittable diseases, such as West Nile Virus and Histoplasmosis. The debris left behind by the pigeons can comprise fleas, mites, and ticks. It’s crucial for homeowners to eliminate pigeons whenever they see them arrive. If you want to take more advice for Feeding Birds click at

Among the best ways to keep pigeons off your roof is to install bird spikes on the peaks and edges. Many pigeons will land on the summit or edge of a roof initially to look around and be certain that they’re secure, they’ll then walk around the roof trying to find a fantastic roosting or nesting place.

Bird spikes make it impossible for the pigeons to land on the regions that the spikes are covering. If they can’t land on your roof they’ll probably proceed to some more hospitable spot.

Bird Spikes come in a number of types. You will find all plastic spike strips in addition to vinyl with stainless steel spikes. Most bird spikes arrive in two-foot sections and can easily be installed using either screws or adhesive. When installing bird spikes on your roof, you’ll probably want to use glue, as screws or nails will put holes in the roofing material.

Plastic bird spikes will normally come in many different colors to match your roof. For those who have a tile roof, you can find the terra cotta colored spikes. Plastic bird spikes are far less costly than the stainless steel version. 

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