Information About Living in Thailand

Thailand is a really attractive spot for the living.  You’ll be able to enjoy anything from white sand beaches to magnificent shores and brilliant cosmopolitan cities. Exotic Thailand is now Asia’s top destination for both living and also with a fantastic Web and Wifi network allover Thailand, which makes it a magnet to get digital nomads.

Additionally, the expense of living is extremely low.  For precisely the exact level as two monthly obligations of my prior rent in Europe, I will rent a home or flat in Thailand to get a year!

Digital Nomads with some additional money to get, can get a 1 story bungalow for as little as $45,000 or some wonderful Villa with starting prices out of $80,000.Surviving in Thailand can be a more rewarding adventure.  Thailand is the perfect country for Digital Nomads trying to find a more economical, more stimulating lifestyle with fine weather and friendly sailors.

As a result of its fame as a tourist destination, Thailand is certainly one of the most economical places to fly into in Asia, together with direct flights readily open to Bangkok from most foreign airports. Get more details about Thailand culture and heritage via

Thailand can also be a superb base to begin researching other Asian nations in the local region. Reasons why Thailand is a Fantastic Option for Digital Nomads:

  • Internet network around Thailand with High-speed net and Wi Fi hotspots from the significant cities
  • Various communication systems (gsm, gprs, edge, 3G)
  • The length of stay allowed since a tourist is just two weeks, using a max of six months per Year
  • Non-immigrant visa could be allowed for a year at the Moment

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