The artistic acumen of Thota Vaikuntam

The basic premise with which people look at Indian paintings is that of disdain. Most of the people think that it is mainly due to the lack of talent, and primarily due to the fact that most of the people are busy with other parts of their lives. However, that is simply not true. Indian paintings are amongst one of the best when it comes to talent and excellent when it comes to the quality of colors used in depicting the images. However, what they lack is the exposure to the global audience. However, painters like Thota Vaikuntam have been able to change that particular area as well for the Indian painters.

With successful pictures in various galleries across India, Thota Vaikuntam has been able to involve the entire genre of village painting into a mainstream thought for the Indian painting community. More and more people now find themselves in the crux of understanding the beauty of Indian paintings and going forward with it. This is how Indian paintings would like to be looked at when it comes to understanding their thought process. Overall, one of the good things about Indian paintings is that they would be able to enjoy each and every aspect of the painting.

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