Do You Know What Type of Roof You Have

There are several ways to create roofing. As the architectural design is bound only by the creativity, roofer styles are limited only by the laws and regulations of physics and the materials available.

 Indeed, any extensive discussion of the many styles in the modern building could probably fill up a dictionary; but this article will discuss a few of the most frequent roof designs.

In all probability, you will discover the design of roof structure on your home, unless it is something really unique.  For more information about roof, you can also visit


Possibly the simplest design, the gable rooftop is considered to result from the first roofs which were simple constructions of sticks or logs leaning at sides to create a triangular hut. A gable features two sloping factors that meet at the heart of the building, wherein both attributes slope at the same angle.

Cross Gabled

A cross gabled roof covering is slightly more difficult when compared to a gable, but only since it features two gable portions that meet at the right perspective. The ridges produced by each gable roof covering should be perpendicular to one another; and simply as the slopes on the gable are similar, the height, size, and pitch of every gable in a combination gabled roof also need to be identical.

Simple Hip

Simple hip rooftop as additionally it is known is another common type. Similar to a gabled roof covering, the hip roof structure has two slopes at similar sides that meet at the heart of the building.

 However, the ends aren’t smooth. Instead, hip roofing features four sloped edges so that exterior walls will be the same size. Simple hip roofs are beneficial to gable roofs as they offer better security in high breeze or hurricane areas.

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