Are Thota Vaikuntam paintings found in galleries?

The current scenario of artistic galleries all across India reflect the growing interest amongst Indians to find out what seems to be the basic essence of painting. Of course, there are various institutes that cater to the artistically intelligent people, and have galleries of their own. However, in order to truly understand paintings from the masters, one would also find themselves in the presence of good quality galleries that cannot only uphold the tradition of wood paintings, but can also ensure that people will be able to enjoy it to the maximum.

This is the reason why when paintings from experts like Thota Vaikuntam are hung on the wall from galleries, people get to realize and understand the basic essence behind such wonderful paintings. Some of the paintings have been able to reflect the normal the household of Indian families to an extent that it would be a natural extension of their daily lives. In others, one would be able to enjoy and understand everything that paintings have to offer to the Indian psyche.

As of now, galleries are filled up with masterful Thota Vaikuntam paintings, and as a part of the general Indian public, you can go and see them at your own leisure.

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