2016 Ram 1500 Rebel

It’s easy to check at the Ram 1500 Rebel with a cynical eye: Parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles sees the success of the Ford F150 Raptor, goes into the parts bin, builds a truck with a couple features already on the other Rams, slaps on a new grille, and calls it an “offroad bundle”
However, the Rebel is. For responsibility, the air suspension is retuned for starters, with an inch of ground clearance in its setting. The truck gets Bilstein shocks along with their tuning was nailed by the engineers of the Rebel. While Fiat Chrysler vehicles with the air suspension bounce against their shocks’ jounce bumpers, the Rebel will jump with its air suspension across all sorts of terrain.
Our tester combined that suspension goodness with the legendary 5.7L Hemi V8, paired with an eightspeed automatic that routes power to a differential with 3.92:1 gears. Engine power and the differential gave some acceleration to the Rebel, and the typically hot exhaust sound of the Hemi is audible in this program. (Gamers: Recall the Cartel Cruiser pickup from Grand Theft Auto III? This truck seems pretty much exactly the same.) You can find more about truck toolbox with stacks by looking into uws toolboxes.
Towing was a nonissue with the Rebel, but its rating of over 1,000 pounds was. Ram is remembering the days when a pickup really could haul a ton, but in an era when 1,100 lbs can be hauled by a Tacoma, a 1500 should step up its game. At least the Rebel leveled when loaded down, and it aced payload tests and the trailer with tons of good and power handling.
The Ram drives much like any modern fullsize pickup. It is written and comfortable, and the Toyo tires’ sidewalls that are tall absorb bumps well. There was space for everybody, and rearseat relaxation was remarkable. Even though some of us wish it were possible with no touch screen to correct HVAC temperature Chrysler’s Uconnect infotainment system is intuitive.
The Rebel was in lockstep with the Tacoma for first place. Stonking torque while its oriented traction control was worked against it by its dimensions, and tires made it the most enjoyable on the sand dunes. Toyota, take note: this is how you do traction control.
With the provider’s bold logo the Ram Rebel is not for violets or types that are bashful. In black or silver, focus is demanded by the Rebel. While some believed its grille looked like a cowboy’s handlebar mustache and not in a fantastic way some of our testers loved its brashness. Our truck was painted twotone Flame Red with Vibrant Black accents the color.
Indoors, the Rebel comes equipped with upholstery, with fabric adorning material and the chair faces on sides and the seatbacks. Every Rebel includes embossing on the chair centers that matches the Toyos’ pattern. A number people thought it was a fantastic way to tie at the truck’s offroad–oriented character, but one editor pointed out that each time the new owner must replace the tires, they will need to become Toyos if he or she desires the inside to match. Red anodized aluminum accents HVAC vent bezels, and instrument panel did not quite match the exterior color or chair paints and paints, but it was much a material than woodgrain or carbon fiber.
Beauty is a matter of taste. The surprisingly capable performance of the Rebel was a matter of fact. Not one of us could mistake hotrod Hemi V8 chops, or its air suspension, and it turned into the chariot of choice for lots of our testers. And its sub$45k price made it something of a bargain in the face of its rivals’ packages. Its natural competitor is the Toyota Tundra TRD Guru, and we enjoyed the Rebel while many people appreciated that truck in last year’s Pickup Truck of the Year contest. Many of us did, and if you prefer the look, the newest offering of Ram is a excellent option.

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