All information: Gennady Golovkin Canelo Alvarez

Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez convey the Megafight of the year in middleweight! The two remaining fronts will battle at the T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip on September sixteenth, which will be sold out with 20,000 observers. At SPOX you will get all the data you require before the superfight! 

Who is Gennady "GGG" Golovkin? 

Gennady Golovkin is Kazache, 1.78 meters tall and 35 years of age. His vocation as an expert boxer started in the year 2000 when he won the Junior World Championship in Budapest. 

Who is Canelo Alvarez? 

Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan – or Canelo Alvarez for a brief timeframe – is a Mexican and he is additionally nicknamed "Cinnamon" or "Canelo" because of his ruddy hair, which implies in Mexican cinnamon. 

The 27-year-old measures 1.75 meters and is two years more established than his rival Golovkin. With the boxing he started as of now at the youthful age of 13 years. 

At the point when does the battle happen? 

"GGG, old buddy, you're next," Alvarez reported instantly after his prevail upon Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. "I've never been apprehensive about anybody." The boxing scene, which boxing fans will be expecting around the world, will occur on 16 September 2017. 

Where does the battle occur? 

The battle is ascending in the boxing mecca Las Vegas, USA. 20,000 onlookers can watch Golovkin and Alvarez at the T-Mobile Arena. 

Where would i be able to discover Alvarez? View Golovkin in Livestream? 

The battle amongst GGG and Cenalo will be transmitted by the American pay-as-you-go HBO – as a compensation for each view occasion. This implies the client does not have to subscribe to the HBO station – is paid once for the occasion. 

These are the present boxing champions 

Who holds which title? On SPOX, there is an outline of all boxchamps. 

Battling Statistics Gennady Golovkin: KO King 

The measurements of Gennady Golovkin couldn't be any more foul. In 37 battles, the Kazak won 37 times, 34 of them by KO. 

Battling Canelo Alvarez: Two excellence blunders 

His rival Alvarez, then again, knows how it feels to lose. In 51 sessions, Alvarez won 49 times. One of the sessions went undecided, and the other he lost to none other than Floyd "Cash" Mayweather. 

Canelo Alvarez 'triumphs, belts and titles 

Alvarez as of now secured the WBC World Championship title in March 2011 in the battle against Matthew Hatton. In April 2013 he bound together the two middleweight belts WBC and WBA – the last he took Austin Trout in San Antonio. In any case, he lost the two titles in the battle with Floyd Mayweather. 

In 2015 he won the WBC title against Miguel Cotto, just to settle it in May of the next year. Alvarez changed to a semi-weight. There, as well, he was incidentally wearing a title belt. He won the WBO title in September 206 against Liam Smith. 

Gennady Golovkin's triumphs, belts and titles 

Gennady Golovkin won his first title belt in 2009: the WBA. After two years, he secured the IBO title with a first-round knockout against Lajuan Simon. The IBF belt snatched Golovkin next in the battle against David Lemieux. 

In 2016, Golovkin was the profiteer of Alvarez's adjustment in weight class, as the affiliation gave the Kazakh the empty WBC belt. In March 2017, he additionally won his WBA title in a relationship with Daniel Jacobs.

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