Do You Know Where Your Pain Comes From?

I have been working in the wellness industry for over 5 years and can't believe how many people don't take the time to find out why there are having pain.  Some people have to give up some of the things they love the most such as paddle boarding because their shoulder bothers them.  Or having to give up playing an instrument because their hands hurt them.  When I ask them why they are having pain many times the answer consist of "It's only once in a while," "I'm used to it" "I don't know it's not that bad."  Still not real answer of why they are having pain, daily habits they are doing that may contribute and lack of education and motivation. 

Working with local San Diego Chiropractor Dr. Henry Wong and other San Diego Chiropractors and massage therapist have continued to educate me on natural ways to heal the body, getting to the root of the problem and fixing the problem without any drugs or surgeries.  Many times when you go to your local medical doctor you are told to limit activity, attend a few physical therapy classes and take medication if the pain continues.  Basically if nothing is broken or life threatening at the time you are pretty much dismissed.  And the biggest problem is that most people trust what these doctors tell them until the pain is so limiting, only surgery can help.  But this is so much further from the truth (in most cases, not all).
Natural care providers like chiropractors, massage therapist and acupuncturist help to find solutions to aches and pains people experience by finding the root of the problem and correcting it from the inside out.  For example the person who couldn't play his instrument because his hands hurt him, started using chiropractic care and massage to help with his pain and after a few months of consistent therapy is now able to play his guitar longer than he has in years.  

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