Trends In Birthday Invitations

Unlike wedding ceremonies or bridal showers, for birthday parties one does not need to follow any traditions and customs. The good thing about birthday parties and celebrations is that you can follow any theme you want. Below are a few common birthday invitation trends that can be used with any kind of theme:

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1. Bold Borders

Bold geometric borders are considered one of the best ways of framing a card or an invitation. These bold borders help in making the invitation more attractive and eye-catching. Another good thing about bold borders is that these can easily be used with other graphics like floral designs, illustration and so on.

2. Fancy Floral Designs

Birthday invitation printings often include nature inspired or floral designs. It is because they can be used for any kind of birthday invites. If you want anything specific you can go with seasonal themes like roses for formal part, blossoms for open air or garden themed party or tropical palms for a beach party.

3. Totally Typographic

Birthday invitations also need to have the right wordings and font to ensure that they look exactly how you want them to. It is recommended to have different sizes, typefaces, colors and sizes of font. This helps in making the invitations or cards more interesting for the reader. If you are having simple party you can go with classy font with bright colors.

These are some of the most common birthday invite trends that can make your invitation attractive.

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