Tips For Applying False Eyelashes At Home

You must have often heard the say, “Practice makes you perfect.” But it is especially true when it come to applying false eyelashes. This process requires a lot of patience and a steady hand. Below are a few tips that can help you apply fake eye lashes.


  1. When selecting fake lashes it is advisable to buy curvier ones because they are easier to apply. They also look more natural than the straight ones. Read what’s written on the box before applying, especially if you’ve bought your lashes online.
  2. It is advisable to curl your natural lashes and apply a layer of mascara so that the natural lashes can support the fake ones.
  3. Before applying lashes it is advisable to trim them according your natural lashes. In this way it will create a more natural look.
  4. It is recommended to let the glue settle for 30 seconds before applying lashes. It will allow glue to become sticky and in this way lashes will remain in their place for a long time.
  5. When applying lashes make sure that your eyes are not oily. It is because adhesive material or glue will not work properly. There are chances that fake lashes will not stick properly making them prominent.
  6. It is advisable to use angles eye shade brush to apply black eyeliner of shade. In this way you will be able to hide glue spots or any gaps that are prominent.
  7. For proper application of lashes it advisable to use a hand mirror and hold it just below your chin.

While applying lashes it is advisable to look downwards, in this way you will be able to see the entire lash line.

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