Tips For Playing High Scale Notes On A Flute

Hitting the high notes while playing the flute can be a challenge but if you're dead set on nailing them, nothing can stop you. All you need is a lot of practice and patience and not backing down when you get it wrong. Instead with going at it again and again, and not letting it frustrate you, you will surely succeed.

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A few tips to make things easier for you to hit those high notes are mentioned below:

1. Practice your breathing

One of the major things to master if you want to nail those high notes is to practice your breathing and teach yourself to inhale from your torso rather than your chest with minimal movement of the shoulders and your whole body.

2. The proper technique

While belting out those high notes the trick is to look straight ahead and exhale downwards making sure your face is levelled. This can be called the proper technique for producing high notes because these notes essentially need to be played at a low lying angle which is being satisfied when using this method.

3. Do exercises

For you to get the high notes under your belt, perform breathing exercises along with tone exercises on a daily basis. In addition to this, pay closer attention to the fingerings that you are choosing and ensure that you're not missing out on anything.

Follow these effective tips and master the act of perfecting those high notes in no time. Once you succeed at this, you'll be making your own flute cover songs and become a well know flutist.

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