Vinyl Tablecloths: Dressing Your Table Right

Celebrations and festivities call for dressing up of your tables with special tablecloths. The table is where the food and decor items are placed, it is the center of attraction that any host would ensure that it looks the best. However, making your table look beautiful does not have to give you a hard time washing up the tablecloths after the feast. Hence, using vinyl tablecloths for special occasions is recommended.

Tablecloths made of vinyl is one of the popular options today compared to other types of tablecloths due to the following reasons:

Vinyl tablecloths are available in designs which make them look like real cotton tablecloths. They can look like they are embroidered by thread or can have gold pleated detail on the center and the trimmings. They come in square or round shapes and other irregular shapes in between. They are quite cheap too. You can have very beautiful vinyl tablecloths for just a few dollars since vinyl after all is a cheaply produced material nowadays. You can choose the right size that fits well on your table. There are no dangling fabrics along the edges of the table. When children are playing under your table, you will not have to worry about the tablecloths being accidentally pulled down. They can be easily washed. Unlike cotton tablecloths, vinyl does not absorb grease and sauce into the cloth. The food debris can easily be wiped out with a clean terry cloth so that you can use tablecloth again without having to wash it. The stains can easily be removed. Most families with young children have a problem regarding maintaining the cleanliness of the tablecloth. However, with vinyl tablecloths, stains from crayons and paints can easily be removed without giving too much attention. A thinner solution or an acetone can be used to remove the stains without worrying about the cloth getting faded.

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