How to find an affordable safari?

An African trip can be an exclusive vacation proposition — many camps in prime game-viewing areas run close to four figures per person per night, and the multiple flights essential reaching them ratchet up the cost even more.

 But a trip in Africa does not have to blow the bank, said Jenny Mikkelson, a safari expert at Travel Beyond, a tour operator in Wayzata, Minnesota. “There are ways to radically cut down on the cost of a safari,” she said. Visit at to get all details about Tanzania safaris.



Here, she shares her advice on keeping a safari getaway inexpensive:

• Know when to travel: Maximize your budget by traveling in so-called shoulder season, a period that is a few months before or after peak season and varies with different trip regions, including Botswana, Tanzania.

In Botswana, for example, the busiest time with the highest prices is between June and October. In May and November, though, prices at many lodges drop by 30 percent or more, and the game watching is just as rich.

 To save even more — up to 50 percent — reflect a journey to Botswana from December through March, known as “green season” because the generally dry and brown landscape is lush with greenery.

• Stick to one brand: Most safari-goers, Mikkelson said, visit multiple camps on the same trip to experience different ecosystems, activities and animal-viewing offerings, but few know that if they stay at properties within the same portfolio, discounts may be in store. 

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