Experience of Having my Birthday on July 4th

There is nothing like having a birthday that falls dangerously close to a holiday; and when that holiday is July 4th, then you’re talking about a birthday celebration on a whole other level. Growing up I thought being born on July 4th was the coolest thing in the world. After all, who else gets guaranteed fireworks on their birthday?

As I got older, however, I started to resent sharing my birthday with the entire country! I wanted something that was all my own and for a long while, my friends and family made a grand show of making my own birthday celebration that had nothing whatsoever to do with Independence Day; which meant, of course, that I was doing a lot of celebrating on the third and fifth.

Now that I’m much older I am back to enjoying the combined birthday celebrations and consider myself lucky to have such a prestigious birth date. To honor my birthday – as well as the birthday of our country – we have a big celebration every year complete with food, drinks, music, and fireworks right over the lake on which we live. But nothing would be complete without the patriotic party supplies that we get every year; they really make the entire celebration extra festive.

I had a hard time in the beginning finding birthday party supplies and patriotic party supplies (that I actually liked) in one place. But after careful searching for party supplies online, I found a website that has it all – and at great prices too! From birthday party supplies to baby shower party supplies, the selection found on this one website beats any traditional party supply store I have ever set foot in – hands down.

We are getting ready for our annual birthday celebration; and with my patriotic party supplies and birthday party supplies having been ordered and received I am ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy my birthday.


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