Hand Pipe and Reasons to Use One


People have different opinions about pipe smoking. As you are well aware of, the pipe is one of the smoking devices still exists and used in today’s modern world. You are probably wondering why modern people still use the pipe for smoking tobacco but there are some good reasons for it.


Reasons to Use the Pipe

Mind you that we are talking about the hand pipe or the dry one – not the water pipe, which is known better as the bongs. There are reasons why certain people like the dry pipe better than any other smoking devices.

  • First of all, the dry pipe is said to deliver a crisper and darker feel. Most tobacco smokers say that the pipe can deliver heavier and muskier sensation – which is quite different from the regular cigarette smoking.
  • The taste and the flavor of the pipe smoking are somewhat different from the regular cigarette smoking. If you have been smoking a cigarette for quite a while, you can feel the difference and have such a different feel is quite nice – and even exciting. If you want to know more about it, you can visit https://www.smokecartel.com/ and read the available articles.
  • Some people say that the pipe smoking is healthier and better than the cigarette smoking. When you use the hand pipe, you only use the tobacco crush – and that’s about it. There are no other dangerous substances that can be harmful to your health. There are no other poisonous chemical substances that can affect your condition. Unlike the cigarette that can consist of more than 1000 types of dangerous substances, you can enjoy the tobacco – which is the core of this smoking activity.
  • When you smoke the cigarette, you need to inhale deeply to feel the sensation from the tobacco. Such a thing won’t happen for the pipe because you will only have it. The absence of deep inhalation can bring some good things to your health, especially your lungs. 


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