How to Style Cardigans Differently

Knitwear are similar to jersey sweaters because they are knitted or crocheted, however what makes them different is they have an open front , nor have to be "pulled over" the top. These types of sweaters are incredibly popular cool weather and the versatility allows them to be worn in everyday or formal occasions. So if you really want to buy cardigan sweaters, then you can visit

Sturdy colored sweaters are the easiest to create as they can be used with some other color or pattern. Get a moderate grey worn over a multi-colored printed tank top and white shorts for a summery look. Personalize with espadrilles and a day to day leather clutch purse to complete it off. 

If you want a brighter color scheme, try a teal or mustard knit over a fitted black top, brief denim skirt .Try pairing a teal lace dress with a fitted bodice under a loose grayscale white tribal shrug. A south west print short sleeved stitched worn over a dark blue top with a tiny floral print looks great with jeans and boots. Add a textured and spiked envelope clutch to complete this eccentric yet stylish outfit.

You could also try a soft neutral over white top and white pants for a very good planting season outfit. Finish with a soft leather handbag or clutch in maroon red for an exciting turn.

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