Kawasan Falls and Osmeña Peak Moments

The province of Cebu or the more known as the Queen city of the South time after time stood up from its neighboring provinces to be one of the top tourist destinations in the country. The tourism sector on the same page acknowledged Cebu’s current status to be a friendly and visited province. The place by far has the best landform and open water there is, and by open water meaning the place has the best and most diverse marine ecosystem. Tourists of different interest always have their day tour in the rural places of Cebu especially in the south side.

kawasan falls and osmeña peak are places which are sought after by not just the locals of the province but foreign and non-local tourists as well. Locals maintaining both places safe and area-friendly made sure that their guests will enjoy their stay thus activities are incorporated to make it more interesting and fun for them. From canyoneering, trekking, cliff jumping and a whole lot of other things. Activities mentions are only a few things that are available and can be done. However, the guest’s convenience and safety will not be compromised since locals made sure that they will come back next time in the same place and locals made sure as well to meet their expectations.

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