Places that still make use of disposable plastic plates

To think that people have actually gotten rid of using disposable plastic plates is of a fallacy. There are still a lot of places that make use of disposable plastic plates, and a few of them have been mentioned below;

  1. Roadside restaurants: – Even today, most of the roadside restaurants make use of the plastic plates due to the cheap cost and the lack of maintenance. Most of the restaurants always function within a very small budget, and therefore they have to make maximum profits out of their sales. They can only achieve that with the help of using the disposable plastic plates.

  2. Birthday parties: -Unless the birthday parties are for small children, making use of disposable plastic plates do not work. However, if small children make up for the major concentration of the birthday party, then using such kind of plates would actually be justified. After all, children are always susceptible to dropping anything that they are eating. So, the plastic plates ensure that the children do not get hurt if the plates fall on them.

  3. Backyard barbecues:- Due to the huge amount of oil and grease used in barbecues, getting them out from the regular plates while cleaning can be a very tough task. This is why disposable plastic plates are used.

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