Advantages Of Installing Skylights In Your Home

Skylights are increasingly common in new homes today. Skylights are not only practical, they're beautiful too. Natural sunlight helps to regulate your body's circadian rhythm, inducing better evening sleep and staving off the "blues" in the winter.  


If you're creating a new home or renovating a current one, there are four other advantages to installing skylights, including: 


1) Skylights maximize natural light in darker parts of your home. As opposed to reducing that hundred year-old oak tree that is casting shade over the leading of your dwelling, a skylight in your entryway might let you keep the tree and still enjoy natural sunlight. They will lighten up just about any dark area in your home. They add a feeling of spaciousness. This can be especially advantageous in an inferior home, creating an illusion of space and depth.  


2) They could help cut down on your electric bill. Strategically-placed skylights replace the need for electric lighting, at least throughout the daytime. They also add heat to your residence, reducing the amount of electric or gas heat you will need to generate. All of this can translate into big savings, even as much as 20% per year. You can look for more benefits on sky lights at


3) Skylights are "green." Since you're saving electricity, you're helping preserve the environment. Actually, one of many latest trends in home building is "green" homes, houses designed with maximizing efficiency and preserving nature in mind. These green homes typically include skylights in some manner. Even though you can't afford all the latest innovations in green home technology, skylights are still relatively affordable, especially when you consider the energy cost savings they can produce. Plus, you can feel well about helping to reduce your carbon footprint. 

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