How live in care can make a difference

So, you have an older family member or a family member with a disability that requires care now you are faced with the options of finding care for that individual but what should you choose? Well, let’s take a look at the first option…that option is live in care. What exactly is live in care and what exactly is provided with this care option?

Live in care is when a personal carer actually lives in the home of the individual they are caring for; typically this is a single person and not alternating shifts and personnel from a company. You can choose to hire a personal live in care giver from a company or on your own, the choice is completely up to you and the person being cared for, if that is an option.

Some services that can be covered under live in care:

  • Personal care – help with washing, personal hygiene and dressing
  • Housework – cleaning and laundry
  • Cooking
  • Financial help – help paying bills or keeping a budget
  • Grocery shopping and other shopping
  • Medication assistance
  • Trips outside
  • Assistance in continuing to enjoy hobbies
  • Assistance in caring for pets in the home
  • Assistance caring for wounds

Many different types of people can benefit from live in care, those that do not cope well with change for example, naturally are better off in their own familiar surroundings. Those who may be semi-independent but require some assistance with day-to-day activities can also greatly benefit from live in care.

Unlike other care options, a live in carer is able to provide monitoring around the clock in the comfort of the individuals own home or dwelling. This offers significant peace of mind to relatives as well as the individual.

Live in care can be very flexible as well, you might only need someone to live in for weekends or during the week the scheduling is between you and the care giver. This type of care can also be provided for certain time periods such as when a loved one is recovering from a surgery or illness. Just because you are hiring a live in care giver doesn’t mean it has to be for a long duration of time.

The best thing to do is look into your options, talk to your loved one and see which option they would prefer if that is a possibility also the financial situation needs to be considered before finalising your choices. Sit down and talk things through and then look at all the options available to you. Don’t forget to come back and check out our other articles on why live in care is the better choice, what types of people can benefit from live in care, and ways to help you afford live in care for your loved one.

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