Whats Best, A PSN Code Generator Or A Cheap Deal?

I am an addicted gamer and the fact that I have four working consoles at home only proves my addiction. Ive spent a lot of time and money building my dream gamming saloon and now, my funds are limited. While I have already paid for a subscription on the Live Network, I have to find alternative means to get my PSN code. As a consequence, a PSN code generator seems too good to be true. A quick search on Google for free psn code generator however got me nowhere. It got me on many scam websites but none of them really gave me something to start from.

Therefore, I choose to look for cheap PSN codes instead of a free PSN code generator as seen on http://ihacksncodes.com/psn-code-generator/. I know my funds are limited but so is my free time. Since the search got me nowhere, I decided to give up the research and start a new one on cheap deals instead. To my surprise, it was a good option because I found not one but at least a dozen good offers on PSN codes. Some of them were cheaper than others but all in all, I found what I was looking for and my wallet didnt suffer.

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