Five Body Language Signs That She Likes You

Whenever you talk to a woman she gives you definite sings if she is attracted to you or not. If you don't know how to read these signs, you will have a hard time with attracting women yourself. For this reason, take a look at these five signs about her body language when she likes you.

1. Watch her feet

No, not in the way you think, but you should definitely take a look at where her toes are pointing. If they are pointing towards you, this means that she likes you and feels comfortable in your presence. However, if they are pointed towards the nearest exit, she is thinking about leaving.

2. Watch her touch

People who find each other attractive, will always at some point start touching the other person. This means that you should always keep a look out for if and how she touches you. If she touches you playfully from time to time, she is definitely attracted to you. Women hardly ever want to touch a person they don't like.

3. Watch her proximity

This one should be really obvious to most guys but some still miss it. If a woman stands really close to you and even leans in when you are talking to her, you can be sure that she finds you attractive. Even better, when she is almost in your personal space, then you can be very certain.

4. Watch her hair

Whenever you talk to a woman, always keep an eye out for what she does with her hair. If she likes you and has an intense discussion with you, she will start playing with her hair a lot. This means that when you see her doing that, it is your time to act.

5. Watch her eyes

When she holds long eye contact with you and always looks at you first even when they are other people in the discussion, you can be sure that she finds you attractive. It means that she likes you the most and always wants to look at you. If she holds extremely long eye contact with you, you should make your move.

So, these were signs of her body language. Signs when she finds you attractive. But you can do much more to make yourself look attractive. If you display attractive male body language you will have a bigger chance of making yourself more desirable towards her. Therefore, start to learn about them of both.

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