Turmeric cures quite a few of the same ailments in dogs as it does in humans.

Some of these include:


Because they are so active, many breeds of dogs are quite the susceptible to the ravages of arthritis, which is known to be characterized by pain and inflammation. As it so happens, turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory. By making sure to put some of this amazing spice in dogs’ meals, owners ensure that their dogs never develop arthritis in the first place. It is worth noting that when turmeric is added to meals does, it doesn’t replace a well-balanced diet.


By the time blood clots have come together, they can be very difficult and dangerous to treat. It’s for this reason that it is very important to try to stop the clot as soon as possible. Turmeric has long been known in many circles as a blood thinner, effectively blocking platelets from clumping together. This gives turmeric an incredible capacity to end the progression of blood clotting in dogs.


Many dogs tend to eat things that they shouldn’t, thus tend to disproportionately suffer from digestive and intestinal issues. Turmeric can help to solve this problem in several ways. First, as we know it is a powerful  anti-inflammatory, and this translates to it getting rid of painful swelling in the gut. It also aids in bile production, and this greatly aids the dog’s digestive system in breaking down fat in the diet and improving overall digestive efficacy.

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