How To Choose The Best Water Softener For Your Home Or Condo

If you want clean spot free dishes and glasses, you should look into a water softener to remove mineral deposits that can stick to your glasses and dishes. The installation and maintenance of a water softener can not be easier, with some units like the NuvoH2O Water Softener not even requiring any electrical connection. Besides the obvious improvement to your dishes and glasses, you will also notice that your clothes will come out cleaner and major appliances such as your dishwasher and water heater will last longer.

When choosing a water softener, you will find two main options the most common type of water softener is the traditional model which uses a salt solution to soften the water. The second option of water softeners, is an environmentally friendly option that uses citric acid, and has a membrane that hard water will filter through, leaving you with clean water. If you have especially hard water, you will want to go with a unit like the Northstar Water Softener, which can handle several gallons per minute of water. And while salt water softeners can be installed in a few hours, you will want to make sure that you have enough space in your basement or utility closet where your main water pipe comes into your home or condo. For applications where you have minimal space or applications where you only want to soften the water to your dishwasher or kitchen faucet, then a solution like the NuvoH20 saltless water softener is an ideal solution. With the NuvoH20 water softener system, all that you need to do is hook up the water line so that it filters though the NuvoH20 unit. Then either every month or every three months depending on your usage and which unit you have purchased, you will have to replace the filter cartridge that takes less than a minute to install and doesn’t even require you to turn off the water supply.

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