One-on-one Tuition Style

Students who have been involved in personalized tuition classes generally show higher confidence levels and a good attitude towards the subject. The step by step process enables them to identify their weak areas and then start working on them. Unlike other subjects, math requires a lot of practice to perfect. It is also a subject that builds concepts on other concepts in such a way that you need to understand the basic formulas before you can advance to more complicated techniques. If a student fails to understand the basic rules on any topic, the entire chapter becomes extremely difficult. Tutors capitalize on making students master the basics of every concept so that they can easily master everything. Vaughan tutors use different strategies to test the students level of understanding. If they are engaged on a one-on-one tuition style, its easier for the tutor to tell if the student understands but this is not possible with online tuitions.

Tutors therefore give regular assignments and homework to test on the speed and arithmetic interpretation skills of the student. Most tuition classes are done as a part time activity and are normally scheduled in the evenings, during weekends or on public holidays. The student chooses on the most favorite mode of teaching and then agrees accordingly with the tutor.

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