Places I Can Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Did you know there are a lot of places you can sell your diabetic testing strips that are unused and unexpired for cash?  Diabetic test strips are an over the counter medication that do not require any specific rules to resell, the only rules that must be followed is that they must not be stolen and they must have been purchased by you.  This is great news to the thousands of diabetics looking for places to sell diabetic test strips.  Diabetics often have an excess supply of diabetic testing strips or they do not test as often as they should.  This can lead to a large amount of test strips expiring that could otherwise be used by another diabetic.

Organizations like Sell Test Strips are encouraging diabetics who have an excess supply of diabetic testing strips to ship them to the company.  They will receive top dollar for them as well as reimbursement of their shipping costs.  This goes a long way to show the integrity of the company, they even have put together a clear and concise guide of how the process works.  If that was not enough they have also published a price sheet that you can go and view right now at and see how much you can get.

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