Learn To Cook Like A Pro

There are a few significant things you need to know if you want to become a better chef. You can use these tips as a great starting point.

To bring out the awesome flavour of your fishes, be sure to add a touch of lemon juice to it after your finish grilling or baking in the oven.

Lemons can be used for many purposes from enhancing the flavour of your fish, salads, cocktails and even for cleaning. Therefore, you should learn how to store them properly by putting them in the fridge.

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When you are measuring compressible ingredients like flour for your baking needs, it will be wise to use a measuring scale to measure the right amount for baking your pastries. By having the right amount of flour, your pastries will turn out the way it should be.

To make your pakodas crispier, you can use a mixture of corn flour and gram flour for the batter.

To have beautifully halved cherry tomatoes for your salads, you should always slice it through the fattest part of the tomato.

Becoming a better cook will require you to take some time to apply what you have learnt here.

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